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Parent Testimonials

What Families Are Saying About St. Lukes

"My child is happy, learns so much, and is always engaged. He loves his teachers and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to let my child grow and learn at St. Luke's."

- Parent of a toddler


"The teachers and the care and investment the entire school has in the children is superb!"

- Parent of a 3 year old

"I would highly recommend this preschool. I made a 15-20 minute drive each way to get my child there because she loved being there so much. We thought about switching to a preschool that was closer to our home at one point but just could not bear to move her. She attended for 4 years and all of the staff knew her and made her feel safe, loved, and special. Our child had a wonderful experience and we are very sad her time there has come to an end."

- Parent of a Junior Kindergartener


"Everyone is always so cheerful and happy. My child would wake up in the morning and ask me if we were going to school. He loved it, and that makes me happy!"

- Parent of a 2 year old

"My child's teacher made a real effort to give specific comments about my child at pick up. I really appreciated it!"

- Parent of a 4 year old

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