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Birthday Book Club

St. Luke’s MMO and Preschool is very fortunate to have a wonderful library full of books, puppets, and felt stories.  Thanks to the hundreds of donations of parents and church members over the years, we have been able to provide children with early literature experiences.   We would like to bring back the program that enabled St. Luke’s to amass our wonderful collection of library materials in order to replace outdated and damaged materials.  The Birthday Book Club encourages parents to donate a book, CD, or educational DVD in honor of their child’s birthday.  A donation label will be placed on all donated materials that will state the child’s name, date, and contributor’s name.  


This is a wonderful way to leave a permanent legacy for your child.  St. Luke’s MMO and Preschool is proud to have been nurturing and educating young children since 1982.  With your help, we can continue to provide meaningful literary experiences to our students.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions regarding this program.  Thanks in advance for your continued support and loyalty.  


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