What's Happening in Art, Chapel, and Music

What's Happening in Art

Art Overview from Miss Jen

ARTIST OF THE MONTH:  Leonardo da Vinci

Da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian artist who was also known for his inventions and interest in architecture, science, music, math, and anatomy.  His most famous paintings are the Mona Lisa and the The Last Supper. Most notable to me though, is his CURIOSITY, which we will focus on in art this month. He created some of the first concepts/drawings of various later inventions such as flying machines, solar power, calculators, and war machines.

We will have fun trying portraits like the smiling Mona Lisa, and we will explore the limits of our creativity by inventing our own machines. We will also work on Thanksgiving pieces to use during our class feasts, which will include some discussion on Native American arts.

Your children express great excitement in art and many of them have lots to say when they are creating! I love watching them soak up these opportunities to explore, with the freedom to be exactly who they are. In this season of Thanksgiving, I thank you for sharing them with me

What's Happening in Chapel

Chapel Overview

Happy Thanksgiving! For chapel next week, we will be reading “A Fox Got my Socks” by Hilda Offen.

This rhyming story about a little boy moved to share his socks, hat, pajamas, etc with fox, cat and

llamas, for example, is loads of fun and a good way of talking about sharing all that Mac & Cheese

you have generously sent in! We will bless the Mac and Cheese and sing “If You’re Happy and You

Know It” with a Christian theme.

What's Happening in Music

Music Notes from Miss April

November we have explored sounds and instruments, studied loud vs. soft and fast vs. slow.  We have sung & danced about fall leaves,

nuts & squirrels.  Thankful songs and songs about food, family, and turkeys have abounded!  We also have started practice for our Christmas

program.  Jingling those bells!!

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